Emma Asks for advice on this question : Are there any reputable home typing firms out there not just for audio transcription?
I’m on maternity leave and before was a PA to a managing director with a typing speed of 100 wpm. I have only been off 7 weeks but i’m going insane and really would like to keep up my speed.
Are there any reputable companies out there that allow you to type from home? I don’t have an audio trancription kit but have worked for 5 years at a law firm and then 3 years at a massive distribution firm for the MD so am able to type large documents with spelling mistakes so have a pretty good skill.

Anyone know where to start. Have been researching for ages but can’t find any that don’t either want audio or money up front!

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Answer by ibu guru
If you are looking for “home typing” “jobs” on the net, there’s no such thing! These are all scams.

You will have to start your own business and get local clients if you want to do secretarial, etc, work at home. And mostly they want Dicta – how else are they going to get you the material? If they could type it up and email you the doc, what would they need you for?