hey good looking ;) Asks for advice on this question : Are you getting sick of todays music, or is it just me?
I just want to know how music can turn from amazing to completely horrendous.

Do you remember the 80s? Do you remember Glam Metal? The guys with long hair throwing their heart and soul into every single song they played. I mean their lyrics actually meant something. When I felt down I listen to 80s music and it just makes me feel so happy. It gives me a reason to live on.

Now we’re left with garbage. We’re left with miley Cyrus, KSM, the Jonas brothers, Soulja boy. I mean come on! Why is music such a disgrace now? All people do is listen to teen pop, hip hop, Emo bands. Every time I turn on radio 1 I will hear these horrible songs.

Todays rock music is just noise. I can’t stand emo bands.

If you go on youtube you will see that one of miley Cyrus’s songs has almost 100 million views on it. Thats way above any of micheal jacksons videos!

Yes I know that people have their own taste in music, but just tell me this, what do you like about rap, hip hop, teen pop??? Wheres the hidden message?

What pisses me off most of all is that bands like (KSM) will copy songs from 80s legends and make them sound completely gay.

What do you think our musics going to be like in 20 years time??

I wish they’d bring back the 70s and the 80s :(

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Answer by ross
i’m getting sick of wannabes who are trying to impress me, but the music is great

Answer by yello feeva
im just getting sick and tired of being sick and tired

Somewhat. I’m sick of Party in the USA and I’ve got a feeling.

Answer by ziggyman
there is no such thing as “music” today. it’s all filthy noise.

Answer by *Carlos* to the Extreme
yeah man … *takes deep breath*

I agree. Too bad it’s all kids whom the labels take control of and make them sound appealing to the younger crowd of people whom they’re trying to create the next music revival from and the lack of talent and decline of the roots of modern rock popularity due to the big “90’s musical depression” (it’s what I call it). Lots of artists from the 80’s had great talent, the songs meant something and it was felt with the music. Now since everyone can play a couple of tunes on an instrument they all think they’re Shakespeare or Beethoven because they’re singing to the music.

I really don’t like what’s going on in the industry either. It’s become a cash cow and they’re getting ruthless due to illegal downloading on the internet. So now they make recordings that sound like the crap because they’re meant to be heard through some tiny earphones. Whatever happened to Hi-Fidelity sound systems? I tell you. The demand went down because of the burst in interest for Surround Sound systems that never sound the same as in the theater and cannot reproduce the warm sounds old amplifiers used to be able to because they’re all made of “chips” and whatnot, instead of analog tubes of the late 70’s and 80’s. All recordings are now sold in compressed .mp3 format that degrades and cancels frequencies out of each track. Made this way for ergonomic hard-drive maintenance reasons, instead of the FLAC or .wav formats preferable for better sound, but which take up too much space in hard drives. I would need about 5 Terabites of hard drive space to be able to keep all my music in .wav format, but I can’t afford those at the moment and I don’t have the time to sit and turn all these CD’s and LPs to digital all over again.

All these kids [the audience with their parents’ money] are going to grow up and miss this crap they listen to now, and they’re going to get an itch and look around for it years from now. It’s how the music business works. They throw all the crap they can out now, so they can capitalize on it later. It’s been done, over and over again. TIME LIFE MUSIC PRESENTS … blah blah blah…. Big Bands, Doo-Wop, 60’s, Disco, 70’s, 80’s, Jazz, Soft Rock, Metal, Power Ballads, etc…) all those contracts will make the labels money in the long run. The fact that little Lisa [and a few thousand girls like her] likes a B-Side song by The Jonas Brothers today, it’s going to make the label money when she grows up and goes to the record store (If LPs come back) or buys the music on iTunes or something.

Keep on rocking man. Turn people on to good music and they’ll see this crap is just popularity. Some old “fat cats” sitting in chairs up in an office building are laughing it all off as we speak.

Answer by RS
i agree with you. music from the 70s and 80s were the best and the songs made sense. i don’t listen to music these days because i just don’t like it at all. miss the good ol’ days :(

Answer by Lady Luck
60s & 70s was by far the best era for music.

Answer by Dan M (Underneath The Waves)
Glam isn’t really a good example because it’s one of the worst genres I have ever came across. My musical taste is fairly expansive but not for any element of rap or hip hop.

I wish they would, but keep glam away it’s terrible. I hate people who say that all modern music is crap when quite simply it’s not. Don’t let Nickelback put you off.

Answer by The Animal
Music on the radio is garbage. Each station plays the same 10 songs over and over and each songs has about 10 remakes it seems like. So 80’s and 90’s rock should be played on the radio.

Answer by *The Melancholy*
The only people who actually listen to miley cyrus and the Jonas brothers are people who are under the age of 5. Everyone else (hopefully) thinks they’re just random disney crap artist.

Soulja Boy made one song that people like, mainly because of the dance, which reminds me of an angry cat spasming out….

Comparing Miley Cyrus to MJ is like comparing shit to sugar……..We all know that miley is crap. But the millions of little pre schoolers don’t understand that yet.

There are a lot of great musicians out there that you seemed to skip over, I think you just aimed for the terrible disney stars that little kids listen to.

What about Coldplay??? Jennifer Hudson???