Bubbles Raised this point : BF using bedroom as home office, and am being inconsiderate?
arrrrrh! Am so annoyed and exhausted! My bf and I rent just a room in a flat, no living room. So our bedroom is the only space we have (we share kitchen and bathroom with other people). Want to move but don’t have the money yet. I work 9.30 -5.30 Mon – Fri no flexibility . His job is very flexible and he can work from home and go in as he pleases. The problem is he works all around the clock, except 6pm -12am. He will go out about 5pm to see a mate, or for a drive, or chill, sleep and then wakes up about 2am and works for about 2hours. The chair he sits on is really squeaks and his mouse clicks so loud. I have asked him to get a new chair. He comes to bed then he is up 6.30am again to work or spends 30 mins getting ready to go to the gym. I have asked if he could get his stuff ready the night before.

I have told him he disturbs me but gets annoyed with me and say I shouldn’t blame him for my lack of sleep and that he is really busy. I admit I don’t sleep well, but when hes up it wakes me up and can’t get back to sleep. I get up in the morning feeling terrible and spend my weekends catching up on sleep. Am too tired to shop or see friends and family. I other night we were going to bed about 11.30pm and he said he was going to get up and work later in the night. I said no way. This was after he had gone for a 2.5hr drive that evening. I commented that instead of going out in the evening he should carry on working and not think he can just work the in middle of the night. I have brought an eye shade to sleep with and that helps, but ear plugs fall out of my ears. He gave me his hard cover ear muffs that you use in a workshop and expected me to be able to sleep wear them! I tried and it hurt my head as I lie on my side.

Yesterday I came home about 8pm and he was sleeping, he woke up at 12 am and started working, I managed to sleep so said nothing. Then about 4.30am I hear classical music in my dreams and then wake up and realise that its him wearing his DJ headphones in bed listening to music. I wake him up and ask him to turn it down. Its still disturbing me so I wake him up again ask him to turn it off. He tells me I cant hear anything and its in my mind and how he is behind in his work because he is doing me a favour by not night working at night. He refused to turn it off and I had to sleep the other end of the bed, but could still hear it. His rudeness really upset me.

Its pisses me off that he thinks I am just making trouble. I put with him hogging the duvet, the fan blowing in my face on all night even though it Winter! Yes it gets hot, but when I open a window he complains he’s cold . He can work at home/office in the day and work in the evening at home, but I can’t sleep anywhere else in the night! I think he is being out of order.
Thanks guy I will be firm! Funny how someone can turn things on you. Wouldn’t believe how much a 1 bed in London is. And yes petrol is expensive! didn’t even think about that. 2 hours is lot, but I know he enjoys driving so I leave off and its his money. I have no reason to think he is dishonest.

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Answer by Adam
how are you that poor when you both work?

i think he is the only one working and if he is then leave him be

Answer by chaddad67
That guy is very self centered and selfish. You need to put your foot down, get him on a schedule. You have the real job, he should be working around your routine, not the other way around

Answer by Nona said so
You are totally in the right here!! He’s being a selfish jerk right now. When does he expect you to sleep?? I mean, come on!

He should have the common courtesy to try to get as much work done as possible during the day. Being in a relationship takes commitment and compromise. If he is not willing to do this for you, then you should consider moving out. Maybe it’s the kick in the pants he needs to realize how important it is for you (for anyone!!).

GOod luck

Answer by PoopyPuss4 Is Batnip
It’s all about you Princess, isn’t it!

Answer by Chris
Yes, I agree, he is totally out of order. You must sort out something, his expectations are totally unreasonable. (a 2.5hr ‘drive’ must use some £p fuel!)

Answer by Betty
he is being totally sellfish I would not stand for it, I cant sleep sometimes when my hubby wants to read a book for an hour never mind working all night!!

Can he not go into the shared kitchen and do his work? surely he would be alone there if the rest of the house guests are in bed? alternatively tell him he is going to have to do his work at the same time that you are working or he can piss off to an all night cafe with internet access and do it there. be firm you need your sleep. xx

Answer by Scott
He sounds like a dick. Get a new boyfriend. Who goes for a 2 hr drive anyway that’s the kind of thing a cheating boyfriend would say!

Answer by rick
simple… Two choices.. A. PUT UP WITH HIS SELF CENTERED LIFE FOR EVER… Or B. Get new boyfriend/place thats quiet and NORMAL.. Id go with “B”..

Answer by E&L
Since you technically only have one room in the flat that you can occupy with your stuff, and the other areas are considered common areas, where would you say he set up his ‘home office’? Your other roommates would be offended if he takes up space in the other part of the apartment, so it is time the two of you look for a place of your own.

Answer by Salacious Crumb
What an ASSHOLE.

Inexpensive solution: one can WD-40, 3€; one set airline ear plugs, 2€.

Intelligent solution: one new boyfriend, FREE.

Answer by Happy-2
$ 2.99 – 1 can of WD40 for the squeaky chair
$ 19.95 – quiet mouse
$ 1.50 – package of 50 soft ear plugs
$ 24.44 – the low, low cost of fixing all your problems rather than complaining about them.

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