doggiemad25 Wishes to know : home education experience?
hi i am a home educated student now at college was wondering if home education has work for any one else and what there experience was like?

Responses :

Answer by i_come_from_under_the_hill
I was home educated all through high school. We chose homeschooling because I simply wasn’t learning anything in school. I was wasting a good 8 hours of my day, not counting time spent on transportation and homew0ork, and neither my academic nor my social life was better because of it. With home schooling, I was not only able to challenge myself to the limits academically and learn to love learning again, but I had a more rewarding social and extracurricular life and a better relationship with my family and community at large as well. I made it into the honors program at my first choice university which I feel is directly attributed to the opportunities I had as a homeschooler, and though college life is a challenge for anyone who goes into it, I feel I’m better off than many of my peers because of the independence and self motivation skills gained through home ed.

Answer by charley_289
I was home schooled and 4 years and had to unfortunately return to school due to my parents getting divorced. I really enjoyed being taught at home and found it much more academically challenging, when I went back to school I was told that if the school allowed it I would have skipped at least a year ahead. I hated ‘regular’ school and too found it a big waste of time. Some say it is lonely but I had lots of friends, I went to Scouts, did sports and all sorts.