Richards Krauja Asks for help on this question: Looking for part/full time job.?
Im looking for job witch i can do after my day job. I don’t really care its online or offline. Give me a guidance to possibilities to make some extra income. Anything you can imagine, anything you know, and it’s doesn’t even care in witch industry. ANYTHING!!!!

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Answer by George Owen
Hi ,there is an opportunity at this link if you want to take a look low cost start up , it may be just what you looking for ,Good Luck !

Answer by celine
its online

Answer by Darren Ferneyhough
Hi Ricards

I work with a company that is based in the USA but operates in 52 countries and is recruiting right now for self-motivated people able to commit at least 12 hours per week (flexible – you choose when) and with a strong desire or need to earn very good money.

This is a business opportunity that you can do part-time, many do work full-time in this business, but it is NOT something that you can make work ‘spare time’.

To find out more, to discuss how much time you can realistically commit to working each week, and to chat about what your aspirations or goals for income are and what would be required of you to reach these in this business, you can reach me via