lmwarr21 Would like your response to this question : Moving home how long to complete?
I have had the mortgage company do the survey yesterday and was wondering how long from now until completion? Any rough guesses. Want to know when to break the news to my landlord.
Forgot to say im in the UK. Mortgage company had to do a valuation survey of the property. I have paid my solicitor for the searches last week. The property is empty.

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Answer by sasygomand
Well every time i’ve moved homes it usually took 2/3 days of cleaning and 3/4 days to transport the stufff so roughly a week

Answer by parrot_gurl
I’m not sure what you mean by you “had the mortgage company do the survey yesterday.”

I would check your lease and see if you’re required to give 30 or 60 days notice to your landlord before moving.

It took us a few days to find the house we wanted and three and a half weeks after applying for our loan to close on the house. We moved in the day we closed. (we closed later than we thought we would). My dad is still surprised we could close so quickly.

Answer by TBone Bod
I’ve moved 28 times, so I’ve got a feel for this…. Although there is no absolute. The quickest I have done it – from putting in a verbal offer on the house, to actually moving in was 32 days. The longest was over 10 months! Unfortunately, there are many factors which can affect the speed of a sale. I have a very good lawyer, who I know very well; but, no matter how good she is, if the other lawyer isn’t up to much – your pretty much stuck. Also, it’s not a good time at the moment and all financial institutions are being careful. That said; if you think 6 – 8 weeks, you shouldn’t be too far out. Don’t shout at me if I’m wrong though… ;o)