Frannie Dragomir Would like to know : Paypal e-mail reset link directs me to the home page?
I’ve forgotten my paypal password and require to reset it. I receive the password reset email each time but the link either takes me straight to the paypal home page, or to a page informing me the link has ended. I’m going to need to reset it \* NOW \* since I have a transaction to make. Exactly what do I do? I emailed paypal about it but they stated they’ll take 72 hours to get back to me.

Here’s the valuable replies received:

Response by Demolition soldierCall into PayPal at 1-888-221-1161 and inform them that you are having password problems. They will send you an immediate password to your email with a 5 digit code that you need to make use of to reset your password. After that, you can reset your password and make your acquisition.