elizabeth bennet Raised this query : what is an executive office chair? (for an article)?
I only have to write three hundred words, but Im not absolutely sure what exactly an executive office chair is…. Or is it just a normal office chair, called executive to make more sales?
Thank you anyone who answers :)

Replies :

Answer by Richard
It’s an office chair.

The word executive, when used as an adjective in sales material, very rarely has any actual meaning. See also estate agents (realtors in the US) describing flats (apartments) as “executive”. Ridiculous.

Answer by Skidoo
They’re called ‘executive’ when they are made of superior or high tech materials and are super adjustable for maximum comfort. Just google the term and you’ll see what I mean.

Answer by Nutsters-ChickĀ©
Not sure what the difference is if any, see link below & it’s got pictures.
Hope it helps.